Biscuter Pegasin

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Biscúter Pegasin
Manufacturer Autonacional
Production 1957–1960
Body and chassis
Class Roadster, sports car
Body style cabriolet
Layout FF layout

Biscúter Pegasin (or 200-F) was a sports car from Autonacional. It was revealed in 1957 in an attempt to attract the wealthier buyers. It was more upscale then the very basic Biscúter and it had two-colour plastic body, hard- and soft-top. The styling was similar to the Pegaso Z-102. It was powered by a Hispano-Villiers, 197 cc two-stroke, single-cylinder 9 hp (7 kW) engine, giving a top speed of 75 km/h (47 mph). By the early 1960s, Biscúter sales and production stopped, after a total production run of about 12,000. It is thought that almost all of the cars were eventually scrapped.

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