Bisheh Waterfall

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Coordinates: 33°19′50″N 48°52′42″E / 33.330490°N 48.878256°E / 33.330490; 48.878256

Bisheh Waterfall
آبشار بیشه
Bisheh Waterfall.jpg
Bisheh Waterfall
LocationIstgah-e Bisheh,
Papi District,
Khorramabad County,
Lorestan Province,
Longest drop48 metres (157 ft)
Total width10

Bisheh Waterfall (Persian: آبشار بیشه‎; Lurish: آوشار بیشَه) is a waterfall in the village of Istgah-e Bisheh, Papi District in Khorramabad County, Iran.[1] The waterfall is located 65 km (40 mi) from Khorramabad and near Bisheh railway station.


Bisheh Waterfall is about 48 m (157 ft) in height, and about 10 m (33 ft) wide where it joins the Sezar River.[1] The waterfall, with the nearby oak forest, is a popular tourist attraction because of its scenic location and nearby train station.[2]

The name of Bisheh Waterfall is taken from Bisheh Village. The people of this village speak Khorramabadi Luri and Bakhtiyari Luri.[2]


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