Bishoftu Motorization Engineering Complex

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Bishoftu Automotive Engineering Industry is a repair and overhaul center for heavy armament, tanks and military vehicles. It is one of the organizations of the Ethiopian Defense Industry supporting the Ethiopian National Defense Force.


The complex was set up in 1987 as a heavy repair center for tanks and armored vehicles. The Derg regime had plans to eventually produce tanks and armored vehicles at the complex.


The complex is structured in five departments as follows:

  • Tanks and armored vehicles overhaul

Rebuild of all tanks and armored vehicles used by Ethiopian forces.

  • Military Vehicles Overhaul

Maintaining light and heavy trucks used by the Ethiopian ground forces.

  • Motor repair and Mechanical workshop

The department overhauls engines and produces spare parts for tanks, armored vehicles and military trucks.

  • Medium and Heavy weapons repair and electroplating section

Repair and support of supply logistics by repairing and overhauling medium and heavy weapons. The electroplating shop is the largest both in its diversity and capacity in Ethiopia.

  • Communications Apparatus Repair and Maintenance Section

Repair and maintain various communications apparatuses and electronic equipment in use with the Ethiopian forces.

Other services[edit]

In order to fully utilize its capacity and generate income, the center provides services to civilian customers through spare parts supply, electroplating services, and manufacturing machineries for various civilian industries.


FDRE Defense Industry, May 2008