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Bishop's House, Iona was built in 1894, when Iona Abbey was still in ruins, to provide a place for Scottish Episcopalians on the island of Iona. It was originally called Saint Columba's House, after the chapel at its centre dedicated to Saint Columba.[1] It was established under Bishop Alexander Chinnery-Haldane, a year after the tenancy was granted by the 9th Duke of Argyll, as a place of "prayer, study, contemplation and Eucharist".[2] Despite protests from the local established church minister the house continued to be supported by the Duke and the Bishop. Thanks to Bishop Chinnery-Haldane’s close involvement with the project, the house became known as the Bishop's House, a title which has stuck.[3]

The House was occupied by members of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist from 1896-1906. Despite the minister's fears they were seeking proselytes, they seem to have been more interested in avoiding the roof leaking and finding space for contemplation.[2] Known locally as "Cowley Fathers", they ran services and held tea parties for the islanders.[4] It has since been run as a retreat house for the Scottish Episcopal Church, most recently by their subsidiary group Island Retreats Ltd.[5][6] The House accepts bookings from groups and individuals from all religious backgrounds or none, and can occasionally be booked in the winter for self-catering use.[7] The Chapel is open to the public and holds two services daily from March to October, and weekly in the winter.[8] The current Warden is Toben Lewis.


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