Diocese of British Columbia

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Diocese of British Columbia
Christ Church Cathedral (Victoria) - pano - hdr.jpg
Ecclesiastical province British Columbia and Yukon
Parishes 55
Members 13,000
Rite Anglican
Cathedral Christ Church Cathedral (Victoria, British Columbia)
Current leadership
Bishop Logan McMenamie

The Diocese of British Columbia is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

Despite the name, the diocese comprises only the 32,630 square kilometres of Vancouver Island and the adjacent Gulf Islands in the civil Province of British Columbia. Its see city is Victoria, and it presently maintains fifty-five parishes serving nearly 13,000 Anglicans.

The diocese was established in 1859, and is the oldest in the ecclesiastical province, once extending over the entire civil province of British Columbia, hence the origin of its name. Its first bishop was George Hills. Notable parishes include Christ Church Cathedral and the Church of St. John the Divine, both in Victoria. The current bishop is Logan McMenamie.[1]

Bishops of British Columbia[edit]

Bishop Name Dates Notes
1st George Hills 1859–1892
2nd William Perrin 1893–1911
3rd Charles Roper 1912–1915 Bishop of Ottawa 1915–1939, Metropolitan of Ontario 1933–39
4th Augustine Scriven 1915–1916
5th Charles Schofield 1916–1936
6th Harold Sexton 1936–1969 Archbishop of British Columbia 1952–1969
7th John Anderson 1968–1969
8th Frederick Gartrell 1969–1980
9th Hywel Jones 1980–1984
10th Ron Shepherd 1985–1992
11th Barry Jenks 1992–2003
12th James Cowan 2004–2013
13th Logan McMenamie 2014–present

Further reading[edit]

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