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The Bishop of Crediton is an episcopal title which takes its name from the town of Crediton in Devon, England. The title was originally used by the Anglo-Saxons in the 10th and 11th centuries for a diocese covering Devon and Cornwall.[1][2] It is now used by the Church of England as the title of a suffragan bishop who assists the diocesan Bishop of Exeter.[3]

List of bishops suffragan[edit]

The present Bishop of Crediton is a title used by a Church of England suffragan bishop who, along with the Bishop of Plymouth, assists the diocesan Bishop of Exeter in overseeing the Diocese of Exeter.[3]

Bishops suffragan of Crediton
From Until Incumbent Notes
1897 1930 Robert Trefusis
1930 1954 William Surtees
1954 1974 Wilfrid Westall
1974 1984 Philip Pasterfield
1984 1996 Peter Coleman
1996 2004 Richard Hawkins Formerly Bishop of Plymouth.
2004 October 2012 Bob Evens[4] Retired on 31 October 2012.[5]
November 2012 19 April 2015 Nick McKinnel[6] Translated to Plymouth 19 April 2015.[7]
22 July 2015 8 March 2018 Sarah Mullally Announced 9 June 2015; consecrated 22 July;[8] translated to London on 8 March 2018.[9]
2018 onwards bishop-designate Jackie Searle Consecration scheduled for 27 September 2018.[10]


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