Roman Catholic Diocese of Ghent

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Diocese of Ghent
Dioecesis Gandavensis
Diocèse de Gand (French)
Bistum von Gent (German)
Bisdom Gent (Dutch)
Gent-Sint-Baafskathedraal vom Belfried aus gesehen.jpg
Country  Belgium
Ecclesiastical province Mechelen-Brussels
Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels
Area 2,995 km2 (1,156 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
1,055,000 (71.4%)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Sui iuris church Latin Church
Rite Roman Rite
Established 12 May 1559
Cathedral Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Lucas Van Looy
Metropolitan Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard
Emeritus Bishops Arthur Luysterman, Bishop Emeritus (1991–2003)
The Diocese of Ghent, is almost coextensive with the province of East Flanders. It also includes the municipality of Zwijndrecht
The Diocese of Ghent, is almost coextensive with the province of East Flanders. It also includes the municipality of Zwijndrecht

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Ghent, (Latin: Dioecesis Gandavensis), also known as (Ghent) or (Gand); is a diocese of the Latin Church of the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium. The diocese was erected in 1559 from the surrounding dioceses in Belgium. The current bishop is Lucas von Looy, who was appointed in 2003. The diocese is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels.

Although it originally had a much greater extent, the diocese is now coextensive with the Belgian province of East Flanders, in addition to the municipality of Zwijndrecht, which is in the secular Province of Antwerp.


The Bishop of Ghent is the ordinary of the Diocese of Gent. The current Bishop of Ghent is Mgr. Luc Van Looy (born 28 September 1941 in Tielen), who was appointed on 19 December 2003 and consecrated at Saint Bavo Cathedral on 1 February 2004.

List of the bishops of the Diocese of Ghent, Belgium

Tenure Incumbent Device Reason for exit
1 1568–1576 Cornelius Jansenius (1510–1576) State
2 1588 Wilhelmus Damasus van der Linden (1525–1588) Quæ sursum quærite
3 1590–1609 Pieter Damant (died 1609) Deum redama
4 1610–1612 Karel Maes (1559–1612) Deo duce
5 1613–1616 Frans van der Burch (1567–1664) Unitas libertatis ars
6 1617–1620 Jacobus Boonen (1573–1655) Vince in bono
7 1622–1657 Antoon Triest (1577–1657) Confidenter
8 1660–1665 Karel van den Bosch (died 1665) Crucierne crucier
9 1666–1675 Eugeen-Albert, count d'Allamont (1609–1675) Patiens esto
10 1677–1679 Frans van Horenbeke (1630–1679) Facere et docere
11 1679–1680 Ignace Schetz de Grobbendonk (1625–1680) In labore quies
12 1681–1694 Albert, count of Hornes (1640–1694) Lex tua meditatione mea est
13 1695–1730 Philips Erard van der Noot (1638–1730) Respice finem
14 1730–1741 Jan-Baptist de Smet (1674–1741) Caelestia cude arma
15 1743–1770 Maximiliaan-Antoon van der Noot (1685–1770) Respice finem
16 1772–1778 Govaart-Geeraard van Eersel (1713–1778) Ordinate et provide
17 1779–1795 Ferdinand-Marie, prince von Lobkowitz (1726–1795) Ad haerere Deus bonum
18 1802–1807 Stefaan-Andreas de Paula Fallot de Beaumont (1750–1835) Appointed, Bishop of Foreign Diocese
19 1807–1821 Maurits-Jan-Magdalena, prince de Broglie (1766–1821) Died
20 1829–1838 Jan-Frans van de Velde (1779–1838) Auxilium a domino Died
21 1838–1864 Lodewijk-Jozef Delebecque (1798–1864) Monstra te esse Matrem
22 1865–1888 Hendrik-Frans Bracq (1804–1888) In nomine Domini Died
23 1888–1889 Henri-Charles Lambrecht (1848–1889) Died
24 1890–1916 Antoon Stillemans (1832–1916) Vivat Jezus Retired
25 1917–1927 Emiel-Jan Seghers (1855–1927) Died
26 1927–1947 Honoré Jozef Coppieters (1874–1947) Fide et Caritate Died
27 1947–1963 Karel Justinus Calewaert (1893–1963) Caritate veritatis Died
28 1963–1991 Léonce-Albert Van Peteghem (1916–2004) In Deo salutari Retired
29 1991–2003 Arthur Luysterman (born 1932) In terra pax Retired
30 2004–present Lucas Van Looy, S.D.B. (born 1941) In nomine patris Incumbent

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