Bishop of Grahamstown

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Bishop of Grahamstown
Ebenezer St Mark Ntlali
Ecclesiastical provinceSouthern Africa
CathedralSt. Michael and St. George Cathedral

The Bishop of Grahamstown is the Ordinary of the Diocese of Grahamstown in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. The Bishop's residence is Bishopsbourne, Grahamstown

List of Bishops of Grahamstown[edit]

Diocesan bishops[edit]

Diocese Chart showing Bishops and Deans of St. Michael and St. George Cathedral.
  1. John Armstrong,[1] D.D. 1853-1856
  2. Henry Cotterill,[1] M.A., D.D. 1856-1871 (Later bishop of Edinburgh)
  3. Nathaniel James Merriman,[1] D.D. 1871-1882
  4. Allan Becher Webb,[1] D.D. 1883-1898 (Later dean of Salisbury, England)
  5. Charles Edward Cornish,[1] D.D. 1899-1915
  6. Francis Robinson Phelps,[2] D.D. 1915-1931 (Later Archbishop of Cape Town)
  7. Archibald Howard Cullen,[2] M.A. 1931-1959
  8. Robert Selby Taylor,[2] M.A., D.D. 1959-1964 (Later archbishop of Cape Town)
  9. Gordon Leslie Tindall,[2] B.A. 1964-1969
  10. Bill Bendyshe Burnett,[2] M.A. L.Th. 1969-1974 (Later archbishop of Cape Town)
  11. Kenneth Cyril Oram,[2] B.A., A.K.C. 1974-1987 (Later assistant bishop of Lichfield)
  12. David Patrick Hamilton Russell,[2] M.A., Ph.D. 1987-2004
  13. Thabo Cecil Makgoba,[2] B.Sc. B.A. (Hons) MEd Ph.D. 2004-2007 (LaterArchbishop of Cape Town)
  14. Ebenezer St Mark Ntlali,[2] Dip.Th. B.A. (Hons) B.Th. 2007–present

Bishops suffragan[edit]

The following were bishops suffragan in the diocese:


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