Diocese of Kootenay

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Diocese of Kootenay
Ecclesiastical province British Columbia and Yukon
Rite Anglican
Cathedral St. Michael and All Angels Cathedral, Kelowna
St. Saviour's Pro-Cathedral, Nelson
Current leadership
Bishop The Most Reverend John E. Privett

The Diocese of Kootenay is a diocese of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and the Yukon of the Anglican Church of Canada.

The diocese was created by a decision of the Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster in November 1899 to divide that diocese into two along the 120 degrees line of longitude. The new Diocese of Kootenay would comprise the area of the original diocese eastward of that line to the Alberta border. In 1900 the Synod of the new Diocese met in Nelson and selected St. Saviour's Church there as its Cathedral. After being provisionally administered by New Westminster for several years, the Diocese of Kootenay got its first bishop, Alexander Doull, in 1914.[1]

In 1987 the cathedral was re-established at its present location at St. Michael and All Angels' Church in the town of Kelowna, where the bishops had actually lived since 1955.

Bishops of Kootenay[edit]

Bishop of Kootenay Name Dates Notes
1st Alexander Doull 1914–1933
2nd Walter Adams 1933–1947 Metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon, 1942-1951 and Bishop of Yukon, 1947–1952
3rd Patrick Clark 1948-1954
4th Philip Beattie 1955-1960 Metropolitan of Ontario, 1926–1931
5th Bill Coleman 1961-1965
6th Ted Scott 1966-1971 Primate of All Canada, 1971–1986
7th Fraser Berry 1971-1989
8th David Crawley 1990–2004 Metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon, 1994-2004
9th John Privett 2004- Metropolitan of British Columbia and Yukon, 2009-

Deans of Kootenay[edit]

The Dean of Kootenay is also the incumbent at St Michael and All Angel's Cathedral, Kelowna

  • 1945-1948: Patrick Clark (Bishop of Kootenay, 1948)
  • 1948–1956: Thomas L. Leadbeater [2]
  • ?-?: Alan Jackson
  • 1987–2000: Jack Greenhalgh [3]
  • 2001-2009: Allan R. Reed [3]
  • 2009–present: Nissa Basbaum [3]


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