Roman Catholic Diocese of Hvar-Brač-Vis

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Diocese of Hvar-Brač-Vis
Dioecesis Pharensis (-Brazensis et Lissensis)
Hvarsko-bračko-viška biskupija
Hvar church.jpg
Country  Croatia
Ecclesiastical province Split-Makarska
Metropolitan Archdiocese of Split-Makarska
Area 807 km2 (312 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
22,931 (88.7%)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Roman Rite
Established 1147
Cathedral Cathedral of St. Stephen, Hvar
Patron saint Saint Stephen
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Slobodan Štambuk
Metropolitan Archbishop

Marin Barišić

Archbishop of Split-Makarska

The Roman Catholic diocese of Hvar-Brač-Vis (Croatian: Hvarsko-bračko-viška biskupija; Latin: Dioecesis Pharensis (-Brazensis et Lissensis)) is a diocese in the Dalmatian islands in Croatia.[1][2]

The diocese was established in 1147 after the Venetian conquest of the island.[3] The seat of the bishop was set up in Stari Grad, and the present-day Church of St. Stephen was its cathedral. The first bishop was Zadranin Martin I. Manzavini.

The new diocese was initially subject to the Archbishop of Zadar who was already under Venetian control. In 1180, the island of Hvar fell to King Bela III of Hungary and Croatia, who transferred the diocese to the archdiocese of Split in 1185.

In 1278 the seat of the diocese was transferred to Hvar which under pressure from Venice was then being developed into the major town on the island.

It is also known as the diocese of Lesina.[4]


Diocese of Hvar[edit]

1144 Erected from the Archdiocese of Salona[2]
1300: Lost territory to establish the Diocese of Korcula[2]
Latin Name: Pharensis[1]
Italian Name: Lesina[1]

Diocese of Hvar–Brač–Vis[edit]

Renamed: 1889 Jan 14
Latin Name: Pharensis, Brazensis et Lissensis

  • Fulgence Czarev, O.F.M. (1 Jun 1888 - 9 Jul 1901 Died)
  • Jordan Zaninović, O.P. (10 Feb 1903 - 22 Oct 1917 Died)
  • Luca Pappafava (14 Sep 1918 - 19 Jul 1925 Died)
  • Miho Pušić (21 Jun 1926 - 6 Jun 1970 Retired)
  • Celestin Bezmalinović, O.P. (6 Jun 1970 - 30 Mar 1989 Retired)
  • Slobodan Štambuk (30 Mar 1989 - 9 March 2018); resignation accepted by Pope Francis for age reasons[9]
  • Rev. Fr. Petar Palić, Bishop-elect and Secretary-General of the Croatian Episcopal Conference


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