Diocese of Lesotho

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Diocese of Lesotho
Ecclesiastical provinceSouthern Africa
CathedralCathedral of St. Mary and St. James, Maseru
Current leadership
BishopAdam Taaso

The Diocese of Lesotho is a diocese in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. It comprises the entire nation of Lesotho. It is divided in three archdeaconries, Central Lesotho, Northern Lesotho and Southern Lesotho. The current bishop is Adam Taaso, in office since 2008.


Lesotho was originally included in the Anglican Diocese of the Free State but became an independent diocese in 1950, still with the name of Basutoland. His first bishop was John Maund, who would be in office from 1950 to 1976. Upon the independence from the United Kingdom in 1966, the diocese was renamed the Diocese of Lesotho.[1]

The seat of the diocese is the Cathedral of St Mary and St James in Maseru.

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