Diocese of Maastricht

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The Diocese of Maastricht (Latin Traiectum ad Mosam) was a Roman Catholic jurisdiction in parts of present Netherlands (including the see Maastricht) and Belgium, which has been nominally revived as a Latin titular bishopric.


Established in 530 as Diocese of Maastricht on the territory of the suppressed Diocese of Tongeren and Maastricht (thus renamed to acknowledge Maastricht as it secundary see circa 380).

Suppressed in 720, its territory being used to establish the Roman Catholic Diocese of Liège, which also become a great prince-bishopric within the Holy Roman Empire.


Various terms of office are disputed, some bishops may be legendary

Titular see[edit]

In 1971 the diocese was nominally restored as a Latin Titular see of Episcopal rank.

It is vacant, having had the following incumbents :


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