Roman Catholic Diocese of Monopoli

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Cathedral in Monopoli

The Italian Catholic diocese of Monopoli, in the province of Bari, existed from the eleventh century to 1986. In that year it was united into the diocese of Conversano-Monopoli.[1][2]


The episcopal see at Monopoli was created in 1062, and its first prelate was Deodatus. The cathedral was erected by the second bishop, Romualdus, in 1073.

In 1118, the Diocese of Polignano, located in Polignano, a small town situated on a high promontory along the Adriatic, was united to this diocese. The diocese was historically immediately subject to the Holy See, but came under the archdiocese of Bari.[3]


Diocese of Monopoli[edit]

Erected: 11th Century
Latin Name: Monopolitanus

  • Francesco Carbone (Dec 1382 - 17 Dec 1384 Appointed, Cardinal-Priest of Santa Susanna)
  • Michele Claudio (1508 - )


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