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The Anglican Diocese of Newfoundland was from its creation in 1839 until 1879 the Diocese of Newfoundland and Bermuda. Bermuda became a separate Diocese in 1879, but continued to be grouped with the Diocese of Newfoundland under the Bishop of Newfoundland and Bermuda until 1919, when Newfoundland and Bermuda each received its own Bishop.

In 1976 the Diocese of Newfoundland was reorganised and three autonomous dioceses were created: Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Central Newfoundland, and Western Newfoundland.

The three dioceses jointly support Queen's College, other ministries and have many common interests.



From 1839-1925 the diocese included Bermuda as well as Newfoundland. In 1866, there was one archdeaconry: J. B. Kelly was Archdeacon of Newfoundland.[1]


Diocesan synods usually met biennially: In 1976 the Diocese of Newfoundland was reorganized into the Diocese of Central Newfoundland, the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, the Diocese of Western Newfoundland.


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