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The Bishop of Penrith is an episcopal title which takes its name after the town of Penrith in Cumbria.[1]

The title was first mentioned (as Pereth) in the Suffragan Bishops Act 1534 (alongside a see for Penreth – traditionally interpreted as being Penrydd – in Pembrokeshire, though this identification must be very doubtful, given Penrydd's lack of any historic civic or ecclesiastical significance). The title was first used for the Diocese of Ripon in 1888,[1] but the incumbent had his episcopal title transferred to Richmond by Royal Warrant in 1889.[1] Since 1939, the Bishop of Penrith is a suffragan bishop in the Church of England Diocese of Carlisle who assists the diocesan Bishop of Carlisle in overseeing the diocese.[1]

List of bishops[edit]

Bishops of Penrith
From Until Incumbent Notes
1534 1888 in abeyance Crockfords shows John Bird as Bishop 1537-39 but this is almost certainly incorrect due to the misidentification of his See of Penreth with Penrith. John Byrde was consecrated for Dio.Llandaff (possibly for Skenfrith in Monmouthshire) and in 1539 was translated to Bangor.
1888 1889 John Pulleine Appointed for the diocese of Ripon. His suffragan title was changed by Royal Warrant to Richmond in 1889.
1889 1939 in abeyance
1939 1944 Grandage Powell
1944 1959 Herbert Turner
1959 1966 Cyril Bulley Translated to Carlisle
1967 1970 Reginald Foskett
1970 1979 Edward Pugh
1979 1994 George Hacker
1994 2002 Richard Garrard
2002 2009 James Newcome Translated to Carlisle on 10 October 2009. [2][3][4]
2009 2011 no appointment
2011 2018 Robert Freeman Consecrated on 28 October 2011;[5] retired "Easter" 2018.[6]
2019 bishop-designate Emma Ineson Consecrated scheduled for 27 February 2019.[7]
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