Bishopsbourne Paddock

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Bishopsbourne Paddock was a cricket ground at Bourne Park House, seat of Sir Horatio Mann, near Canterbury in Kent. It was a popular venue for first-class matches from 1766 to 1790.


Bishopsbourne Paddock is first mentioned in an item in the Kentish Weekly Post about a recent match involving Sir Horatio's own Bourne club versus Dartford Cricket Club on Monday 29 September 1766. The result of the game is unknown.[1]

It was last used for a game involving Sir Horatio Mann's XI versus Mr Stephen Amherst's XI on 7–11 September 1790. Amherst's XI won by 130 runs.[2] Sir Horatio moved out of Bourne soon afterwards.


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Coordinates: 51°13′35.11″N 1°08′14.07″E / 51.2264194°N 1.1372417°E / 51.2264194; 1.1372417