Biswanath district

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Biswanath District

বিশ্বনাথ জিলা
Biswanath District
Biswanath District
Country India
DivisionNorth Assam
Incorporated (District)15 August, 2015
HeadquarterBiswanath Chariali
 • Deputy CommissionerShri Pabitra Ram Khound, ACS
 • Total1,100 km2 (400 sq mi)
48-390 m (−1,232 ft)
 • Total612,491
 • Density560/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
 • OfficialAssamese
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Biswanath (IPA: ˌbɪswəˈnɑːθ ˈtʃɑːrɪˌælɪ) is an administrative district in the state of Assam in India. It is one of newly created district in the year by 2015, declared by Assam Chief Minister on 15 August 2015.[1][2] The district is created amalgamating Gohpur and most part of Biswanath Sub division on earlier Sonitpur district . The district is bounded by Arunachal Pradesh district on north, Golaghat, Brahmaputra on the south, Lakhimpur district on the east and Sonitpur district on the west. The administrative headquarter is located at Biswanath Chariali.


The major part of Biswanath district formed a part of the Chutiya kingdom until it was annexed in the 16th century by the Ahoms. The western part of the district was under the rule of independent Bhuyan chieftains. The border between the Chutia kingdom and Bhuyan principalities were marked by the Dikarai [3] and the Ghiladhari rivers.[4] The Chutia kings built many forts in the region which included the Buroi fort(near Dafla hills)[5] and the Pratapgarh fort built by king Pratap Narayan.[6][7]


Biswanath Chariali
Name of Sub-Divisions 
Biswanath Chariali , Gohpur
Name of Revenue Circles/ Tehsils 
Biswanath Chariali , Gohpur , Helem
Name of Development(C.D.) Blocks 
  • Pub-Chaiduar Development Block
  • Chaiduar Development Block
  • Behali Development Block
  • Baghmora Development Block
  • Biswanath Development Block
  • Sakomotha development Block
  • Sotea Development Block
Name of Police Stations
  • Gohpur Police Station
  • Helem Police Station
  • Behali Police Station
  • Ginjia Police Station
  • Biswanath Chariali Police Station
  • Sotea Police Station
  • Hawajan Police Outpost
  • Borgang Police Outpost
Number of Villages
Names of Towns
Biswanath Chariali , Gohpur
Name of Town Committees
Biswanath Chariali , Gohpur

Railway Station[edit]

  1. Dubia
  2. Gohpur
  3. Brahmajan
  4. Helem
  5. Niz Borgang
  6. Monabari
  7. Biswanath Chariali
  8. Niz Sotea


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