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Developer(s) Raik Grünberg, Johan Leckner, and others
Written in Python
Operating system UNIX, Linux, Mac OS X
Type Bioinformatics tool
Licence GPL

Biskit is an open source software package written in Python. The package facilitates research in Structural bioinformatics and molecular modelling. Biskit falls into two parts:

The Biskit library delegates many calculations to more specialized third-party programs and currently wraps about 15 external applications. Examples are X-PLOR, Hex, T-Coffee, DSSP and MODELLER.

The latest version 2.4.0 was released on 4 Mar 2012 and the project is under active development. Biskit was originally developed at the Pasteur Institute and the name Biskit refers to the title of the research group: "Unité de BioInformatique Structurale".

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