Bismarck 1862-1898

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Bismarck 1862-1898
Bismarck 1862-1898.jpg
Franz Ludwig as Bismarck
Directed byKurt Blachy
Written byLudwig Ziehen
StarringFranz Ludwig
Erna Morena
Robert Leffler
Music byFelix Bartsch
CinematographyWilly Großstück
Distributed byBismarck-Film
Release date
7 January 1927
German intertitles

Bismarck or Bismarck 1862-1898 is a 1927 German silent historical film directed by Kurt Blachy and starring Franz Ludwig, Robert Leffler and Erna Morena.[1] It was made as a follow-up to the 1925 film Bismarck which had also starred Ludwig. Because of this it is sometimes referred to as Bismarck Part II. The film depicts the latter part of Otto von Bismarck's career including his long spell as Chancellor of Germany.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Willi Herrmann.

The film was poorly received by the political right who accused it of "reducing a genius to the level of banality".[2]



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