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Bismarck C Lepe
Born Accra
Occupation Founder of Wizeline
Website Wizeline

Bismarck Lepe is an information technology CEO and product manager.

Currently, Bismarck is founder of Wizeline.

Prior to founding Ooyala with Sean Knapp (CTO) and Belsasar Lepe (Director of Engineering),[1] Bismarck worked at Google as a Senior Product Manager responsible for the development and launch of monetization products for the Google AdSense network. While at Google, Bismarck launched over 25 different products focused on search and content monetization that contributed over $1 billion in annual revenue. Bismarck directly led the display and video advertising efforts for the AdSense network.[2]

At Ooyala, Bismarck was CEO and President of Product from inception in 2007 until August 2009. As CEO, he raised over $10M of funding, developed the strategic vision of the company and signed many of the early media partnerships. In the role of President of Product Strategy, Bismarck was responsible for all product and corporate marketing functions and was leading the team focused on developing new monetization technologies for media companies.

Bismarck also sits on the Ooyala Board of Directors. Bismarck is a graduate of Stanford University. He is of Mexican American descent.[3]


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