Bismarck Range

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Bismarck Range
Mount Wilhelm.jpg
Mount Wilhelm in the Bismarck Range
Highest point
Peak Mount Wilhelm
Elevation 4,509 m (14,793 ft)
Coordinates 5°48′S 145°02′E / 5.800°S 145.033°E / -5.800; 145.033
Country Papua New Guinea
Provinces Simbu, Madang and Western Highlands
Range coordinates 5°30′S 144°45′E / 5.500°S 144.750°E / -5.500; 144.750Coordinates: 5°30′S 144°45′E / 5.500°S 144.750°E / -5.500; 144.750

The Bismarck Range is a mountain range in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea. The range is named after the German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck. From the 1880s to 1914 this part of the island was a German colony.

The highest point is Mount Wilhelm at 4,509 m (14,793 ft). At over 3,400 metres (11,155 ft), the landscape is alpine with tundra, in spite of the tropical climate. The Ramu River has its source in the range.

The Bismarck Range on the Papuan side (east of the border).