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Not to be confused with Bisa language (Zambia).
Region Burkina Faso, Ghana
Ethnicity Bissa people
Native speakers
590,000 (1999–2003)[1]
  • Mande
    • Eastern
      • Bisa–Busa
        • Bissa
Language codes
ISO 639-3 bib
Glottolog biss1248[2]
Languages of Burkina Faso.png
Majority areas of northern dialects of Bissa, in dark blue, on a map of Burkina Faso.

Bissa (Bisa) is a Mande language that is spoken by the Bissa people of Burkina Faso, Ghana and (marginally) Togo. Its dialects are Barka, Lebir and Lere.

Comparison of dialects[edit]

Phrase Lere Barka Zeba
Good morning Domireh ki Idomleki
come bur iahh Eyaham
water pi hi
food forbile hobile

Lere phrases[edit]

  • Good morning: Domireh ki (Response: Domireh zain)
  • Good afternoon: Sundareh ki (Response: Sundareh zain)
  • Good evening/night: Yirbaa ki (Response: Yirbaa zain)
  • Thank you: Barka
  • Good: Minga
  • Come: Bur
  • Go: Ta
  • You're welcome: An barka boi
  • I love you: Moi wam


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