Bistcho Lake

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Bistcho Lake
LocationMackenzie County, Alberta
Coordinates59°44′33″N 118°50′42″W / 59.74250°N 118.84500°W / 59.74250; -118.84500Coordinates: 59°44′33″N 118°50′42″W / 59.74250°N 118.84500°W / 59.74250; -118.84500
Primary outflowsPetitot River
Basin countriesCanada
Surface area413 km2 (159 sq mi)
Surface elevation552 m (1,811 ft)
Bistcho Lake location in western Canada

Bistcho Lake is a large lake in north western Alberta, Canada.

Bistcho Lake has a total area of 413 km2 (159 sq mi) (with 13 km2 (5.0 sq mi) islands area and 413 km2 (159 sq mi) water surface), and lies at an elevation of 552 m (1,811 ft).[1] It is the third largest lake in Alberta (or fourth if considering Lake Athabasca, which is partly in Saskatchewan).

Bistcho Lake is located in the hydrographic basin of the Liard River, to which it is connected by the Petitot River. The waters of the lake drain to the Arctic Ocean through the Petitot, Liard and Mackenzie River.

The Jackfish Point and Bistcho Lake indian reserves of the Dene Tha' First Nation are established on the southern shore of the lake.

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