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Bistek Tagalog-02.jpg
bistek Tagalog, strips of sirloin beef slowly cooked in soy sauce, calamansi juice, and onions.
Alternative names Bistek Tagalog (Filipino), bistec encebollado (Spanish)
Course Main course
Place of origin Philippines and Mexico
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Meat
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Bistek (Spanish: bistec) is a Mexican dish of pieces of salted and peppered sirloin, usually flattened with a meat tenderizing tool, covered in bread crumbs and fried. The dish is usually served in tortillas as a taco. In the Philippines, bistek Tagalog, a specialty of the Tagalog region, is typically made with onions and strips of sirloin beef slowly cooked in soy sauce and calamansi juice.[1] It is known in the Spanish-speaking world as bistec encebollado or bistec tagalo.


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