Bitan Aharon

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Bitan Aharon

בִּיתַן אַהֲרֹן
Bitan Aharon secretariat building
Bitan Aharon secretariat building
Bitan Aharon is located in Central Israel
Bitan Aharon
Bitan Aharon
Coordinates: 32°21′55.79″N 34°52′10.55″E / 32.3654972°N 34.8695972°E / 32.3654972; 34.8695972Coordinates: 32°21′55.79″N 34°52′10.55″E / 32.3654972°N 34.8695972°E / 32.3654972; 34.8695972
CouncilHefer Valley
AffiliationAgricultural Union

Bitan Aharon (Hebrew: בִּיתַן אַהֲרֹן‬, lit. Aharon's Pavilion) is a moshav in central Israel. Located in the Sharon plain between Hadera and Netanya, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hefer Valley Regional Council. In 2017 it had a population of 376.[1]


The moshav was founded in 1936. During its first years the members of the moshav hired workers to plant orange groves while its members lived in the cities. A decade later the village became more developed with new settlers joining. In 1947 it had a population of 100.[2] The village was named after Aharon Freeman, a Canadian Zionist activist.

Bitan Aharon nature reserve[edit]

Avenue of ficus trees

A 46-dunam nature reserve was declared in 1968,[3] just east of the moshav. The reserve covers part of the second (middle) Kurkar ridge that runs on a north-south axis in this part of the Israeli coastal plain, and therefore includes a number of ancient rock-hewn tombs and burial caves. Flora includes Ziziphus spina-christi and Pancratium parviflorum.[4]


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