Bitchū-Kōjiro Station

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Bitchū-Kōjiro Station (May 9, 2007)
Platform sign at the station
On the platform, looking toward Tōjō
On the platform, looking toward Niimi
An express train headed to Okayama Station, and another headed to Yonago Station

Bitchū-Kōjiro Station (備中神代駅 Bitchū-Kōjiro-eki?) is a JR West station located on the west side of Niimi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. It offers connecting service to the Geibi and Hakubi Lines.


  • 1928-10-25: The completed Hakubi Line is opened, with Bitchū-Kōjiro Station opening at the same time.
  • 1930-02-10: Connected to the Sanshin Line (now the Geibi Line), with service to Yagami Station. Bitchū-Kōjiro Station used to be the busiest station in Niimi, with numerous trains arriving and departing daily. While the station is still busy, many of the trains now go through Niimi Station.
  • 1987-04-01: With the privatization of the Japanese National Railways, Bitchū-Kōjiro Station becomes a JR West station.


Bitchū-Kōjiro Station has three platforms: one next to the station building and two on a platform island, accessible via an overpass over the tracks. The entrance to the station features an old-style gate which is considered a local area treasure. This station is considered the start of the Geibi Line, and official distance for the line starts at zero here.




  • The Niimi City Shingō Branch Office

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Connecting lines[edit]

All lines are JR West lines.

Hakubi Line (passing through Nunohara Station)
Niimi StationBitchū-Kōjiro StationAshidachi Station
Geibi Line
Nunohara Station — Bitchū-Kōjiro StationSakane Station

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Coordinates: 34°59′40″N 133°24′3″E / 34.99444°N 133.40083°E / 34.99444; 133.40083