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Born 1973 (age 42–43)
Nationality American
Alma mater DePaul University
Occupation Musician, actress, composer, performance artists
Known for Music
Home town Monroeville, Pennsylvania

Bitch (born Karen Mould, 1973), also known as Capital B, is a musician, actress, composer, and performance artist. Best known for her work in Bitch and Animal, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, her work with Canadian folk musician Ferron, and her new project BEACH. Bitch sings and plays numerous instruments, including the ukulele, bass guitar, violin, and keytar—the artist has described her music as "electric violin poet rock".[1]

Bitch and Animal 1996–2004[edit]

Bitch and Animal recorded their first album, What's That Smell? in Seattle, with Kate Wolf (Julie Wolf's twin sister) in the months leading up to the Amherst show. Their first meeting with Ani Difranco was the official release of their first album. Difranco then took the two on tour with her and signed them to her label. They recorded an album, Eternally Hard in Difranco's home studio in Buffalo, New York, finished it in Wayne Schrengohst's home studio in Manhattan, and Righteous Babe released it on September 11, 2001. Bitch and Animal went on to make two records for Righteous Babe Records, and toured extensively in the US, Europe and Canada.[2]


Bitch and Animal

  • What's That Smell (1999) self-released
  • Eternally Hard (2001) Righteous Babe Records
  • Sour Juice and Rhyme (2003) Righteous Babe Records

Bitch solo recordings:

  • Be-Sides, one take wonders and poems (2005) self-released
  • Make This Break This (2006) Kill Rock Stars
  • B+TEC (2008) Bitch +The Exciting Conclusion Short Story Records
  • Blasted! (2010) Short Story Records


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