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Bitcoin Suisse AG
Bitcoinsuisse-logo-main (2)-01 (2).png
TypeCrypto-Financial Service Provider
LocationZug, Switzerland
Key peopleDr. Arthur Vayloyan (CEO), Niklas Nikolajsen (Chairman and Co-Founder)
CurrencyBitcoin, Ether, ERC-20,

Bitcoin Suisse AG is a swiss-regulated financial intermediary and pioneer in crypto-financial services based in Zug, Switzerland.

The company, established in 2013[1], is headed by CEO Arthur Vayloyan[2] and Chairman and co-founder Niklas Nikolajsen. As a regulated Swiss financial intermediary (SRO – VQF member) since 2014,[citation needed] Bitcoin Suisse AG offers prime brokerage, custody, collateralized lending, staking, tokenization, and other crypto-financial services for private, institutional, and corporate clients. Today, the company has over 110 employees in Zug, Vaduz and Copenhagen.[3][non-primary source needed] It is widely regarded that Bitcoin Suisse AG has helped to shape the crypto and blockchain ecosystem in Switzerland and has been a driving force in the development of the 'Crypto Valley' and 'Crypto Nation Switzerland'.[citation needed]


Bitcoin Suisse was founded in 2013, in Zug Switzerland, by Niklas Nikolajsen and is Switzerland’s oldest professional company active in the field of crypto-financial services. Bitcoin Suisse held a crucial position in the development of the “Crypto Valley”, together with other private and public stakeholders.

In June 2014, Bitcoin Suisse started to deploy the first ever Bitcoin ATM in Switzerland[4][5][6][7]. Later the operation of the Bitcoin ATMs was transferred to one of the subsidiaries, Värdex Suisse AG[8].

In July 2014, Bitcoin Suisse joined the VQF – «The Financial Services Standards Association» (SRO Selbst Regulierende Organisation) as the first member specialized in crypto assets. Bitcoin Suisse AG helped the facilitation of the first ever fiat-crypto Crowdsale for the Ethereum Foundation, in August 2014. Because of the early involvement in the Ethereum Project, the company started the first large crypto-mining facility in Switzerland in mid-2016. The Bitcoin Suisse developed payment gateway system for crypto currencies was deployed by the government of the council of Zug in July 2016. The city of Zug was the first public entity in the world to accept Bitcoin as payment option.[9] Following the acceptance of Bitcoin, the first ever 6-digit CHF tax payment was made in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Suisse in September 2016.

In 2017 Bitcoin Suisse AG founded Swiss Crypto Vault AG, who specializes in secure custody of crypto assets. Swiss Crypto Vault AG is the technology provider for custodoy offering of Bitcoin Suisse AG. In November 2019, Swiss Crypto Vault AG successfully completed a series of independent audits including ISAE 3402 reporting.[10]

In early 2017 Bitcoin Suisse AG assisted Melonport Foundation with their funding and popularized the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) model. Through 2017 Bitcoin Suisse helped raise over $1.1 Billion for different ICO-entities such as Omisego, Zilliqa, Bancor and Tezos.[11] According to the magazine “Crowdfund”, Bitcoin Suisse was the most active ICO-agency in 2017.[citation needed]

In November 2017, Dr. Arthur Vayloyan joined Bitcoin Suisse as CEO and Niklas Nikolajsen was elected Chairman. With the fast growth of the crypto market, Bitcoin Suisse AG scaled equally and now employs around 100 employees in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Denmark.[12][13][14][15]

In December 2017, Bitcoin Suisse took over the main sponsorship for the Danish ice hockey club Rungsted Ishockey, from the Danish Saxo Bank. This was the first time that a company specialized in crypto-financial services sponsored a professional Sports team, active in a premier league. The Rungsted Arena was renamed the Bitcoin Suisse Arena.[16]

In July 2018, Bitcoin Suisse founded Swiss Crypto Tokens AG, with the purpose of providing services related to the issuing of tokens. With the official release of the Crypto Franc (XCHF) in October 2018, the first Swiss franc backed stablecoin was created[17][18].

In November 2018, Bitcoin Suisse AG joined as a founding member of the Swiss Blockchain Federation, in which Dr. Arthur Vayloyan holds a position in the Board.[19][20]

In December 2018, Bitcoin Suisse AG founded Bitcoin Suisse (Liechtenstein) AG. The company subsequently further increased its focus on its presence in Liechtenstein with the hiring of Mauro Casellini, now CEO of Bitcoin Suisse (Liechteinstein) AG, in April 2019.[21][22]

In July 2019, Bitcoin Suisse AG submitted an application to FINMA (Swiss Financial Markets Supervision Authority) for a Swiss banking licence according to the Swiss Banking Act, Art. 1a, combined with an application for a securities dealer‘s licence, regulated under the Stock Exchange and Securities Trading Act (SESTA).[23][24][25]

Employees of Bitcoin Suisse AG climbing Breithorn in July 2019.

In July 2019, Bitcoin Suisse AG climbed Breithorn with 70 of its employees and conducted the "highest bitcoin trade ever recorded" on the summit of Breithorn, according to the company.[26][27]

Bitcoin Suisse AG group photo in front of their offices in Zug in September 2019.

In October 2019, Bitcoin Suisse AG facilitates early sale of rights for Emaar EMR token sale, which will be part of Emaar Properties tokenized referral and loyalty program. The EMR platform will reward users using the EMR utility token via an app for their loyalty and provide referral opportunities with redemption of rewards in Emaar’s real estate, hotels, e-commerce and owned retail.[28][29]

In November 2019, Bitcoin Suisse AG announced the signing of a letter of intent for a partnership with Worldline to offer cryptocurrency payment services to Swiss merchants and consumers both in-store and in web-shops. The cooperation will leverage the existing nationwide payments infrastructure of SIX Payment Services, which is part of Worldline since the end of 2018.[30][31][32]

In December 2019, the company announced a cooperation in forming a working group with Lykke, SEBA Bank AG and Sygnum AG to support the OpenVASP initiative with an open-source technical implementation of the proposed protocol. OpenVASP is an open protocol put forth in a white paper by David Riegelnig, Head of Risk Management at Bitcoin Suisse AG, to implement FATF's travel rule for virtual assets.


Niklas Nikolajsen and Dr. Arthur Vayloyan

Bitcoin Suisse has placed Bitcoin ATMs in most major cities in Switzerland. In mid-2014 Switzerland’s first Bitcoin ATM was deployed in the capital Bern. Today, the operation of the Bitcoin ATMs is run by its subsidiary Värdex Suisse AG.[33][34][35][36]

Bitcoin Suisse offers a Bitcoin Payment Gateway system, which allows businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin Suisse receives the Bitcoins and then transfer the corresponding fiat amount to the client. The City of Zug has used the payment gateway since July 2016, for different payments, including taxes. Furthermore, the commercial register of Zug as well as the institution of higher education of Luzern also accepts Bitcoin as payment option since late 2017.[37][38][39][40][41][42]

Front desk at Bitcoin Suisse AG in Zug, Switzerland.

In 2014 Bitcoin Suisse introduced the first series of physical Bitcoin-certificates. These paper wallets have the typical security features as physical money, such as holograms and serial numbers[43][44].


Bitcoin Suisse AG is regulated by the self-regulatory organization the VQF (The Financial Services Standards Association), on behalf of the FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Authority)[45].


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