Bite the Bullet (Sledgeback album)

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Bite the bullet
Bite the Bullet (Sledgeback album).jpg
Studio album by Sledgeback
Released November 2010
Genre Punk rock
Length 38 minutes
Label Sliver records
Producer Gabor Hun
Sledgeback chronology
Perception becomes reality
Bite the bullet
3 of a kind

Bite the bullet is Sledgeback's third full-length album. The sound of the album is general punk rock. The album contains 13 tracks.There are twelve songs on the album. The thirteenth track is an edited version of the opening song, Palinka.

Basic information[edit]

Bite the bullet is the third full-length album of the Seattle rock band Sledgeback.Released by Sliver records in November 2010.This is the first album of the group that has been flagged as explicit content (by iTunes) because of the opening song "Palinka" contains foul language.[1] ("Palinka" is an alcoholic beverage)

Track listing[edit]

  1. Palinka 2:54
  2. Dead city 2:55
  3. Insane 2:02
  4. A mile away 2:33
  5. No man's land 2:51
  6. Beer 3:04
  7. Scarheart 3:17
  8. Dead boy dead girl 3:28
  9. Hey (Heidi) ho 2:36
  10. Falling down 3:10
  11. Wasted gang 2:45
  12. Don't look down on me 3:39
  13. Palinka (Radio edit) 2:52


  • Track #5 "No mans land" and track #9 "Hey ho" released on the split album "Reality bites" in 2010.[2]
  • Track #13 is the "radio edit" of track #1 "Palinka". The band placed this version on the album without the explicit content that appears in the original lyric of the song.



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