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Biteback Publishing
Founded 2009
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location London
Distribution Marston Book Services (UK)
Consortium Book Sales & Distribution (US)
NewSouth Books (Australia)
Pansing Distribution (Singapore)[1]
Publication types Books
Imprints The Robson Press
Official website

Biteback Publishing is a British publisher concentrating mainly on political titles. It was incorporated, as a private limited company with share capital, in 2009.[2] It is jointly owned by its managing director Iain Dale[3] and by Michael Ashcroft's Political Holdings Ltd,[4][2] and has published several of Ashcroft's books including Call Me Dave, his controversial 2015 biography of David Cameron.[5]

Other titles include, The Left's Jewish Problem (2016) and Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World (2017) by investigative journalist James Ball.[6]

Biteback's author roster includes Andrew Adonis, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, Roger Bannister, John Bercow, Conrad Black, Gyles Brandreth, Liam Byrne, Alastair Campbell, Chapman Pincher, Ann Clwyd, Michael Crick, Barry Cryer, Edwina Currie, David Davis, Angela Eagle, Nigel Farage, Norman Fowler, Paul Gambaccini, Charlotte Green, Peter Hain, Vince Hilaire, Ken Hom, Lee Howey, John Hutton, Antony Jay, Stanley Johnson, Nigel Lawson, Oliver Letwin, Maureen Lipman, Caroline Lucas, Jonathan Lynn, Denis MacShane, Brian Mawhinney, Damian McBride, Michael Meacher, Austin Mitchell, Ron Moody, Bel Mooney, Jim Murphy, Airey Neave, Michael Nicholson, Jessye Norman, Isabel Oakeshott, David Owen, Matthew Parris, Priti Patel, Harvey Proctor, Vicky Pryce, Mike Read, Malcolm Rifkind, Geoffrey Robertson, Nick Ross, Andrew Sachs, Gillian Shephard, Jacqui Smith, Michael Spicer, Elizabeth Truss, David Waddington, Nigel West and Michael Winner.

Around 20% of its sales are ebooks.[7]


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