Bitoy's Funniest Videos

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Bitoy's Funniest Videos
BFV Logo.jpg
Bitoy's Funniest Videos logo
Created by GMA Network
Starring Michael V.
Country of origin Philippines
Running time 1 hour
Original network GMA Network
Original release July 3, 2004 – October 10, 2009

Bitoy's Funniest Videos was a Philippine comedy show aired every Saturday night on GMA Network hosted by Michael V. (also known as Bitoy), dubbed as the Master of Disguises. It is patterned after America's Funniest Home Videos, Jamie Kennedy Experiment and Girls Behaving Badly.


Yari Ka! (You've Been Fooled!), the main segment of the show, features various disguises of the host pulling off non-offensive pranks to ordinary people. This is usually done by collaborating with the relatives or close friends of the person to be fooled. The show also contains themed segments of complied videos from America's Funniest Home Videos, with the segment entitled America's Funniest Videos. Filipinos can also send their own funny video clips to be shown on the segment Pinoy's Funniest Videos, where the senders of the winning clips are awarded PHP 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 for first place, second place and third place, respectively. The winners are voted upon by the studio audience or chosen by a selected judge in absence of the studio audience. Just For Kikays, abbreviated as "J4K", currently hosted by Daiana Menezes, shows ladies performing pranks to people, particularly men. This segment is patterned after Girls Behaving Badly. Co-hosts Chariz Solomon and "Mang Enriquez" (who impersonates Mike Enriquez) hosts On The Spot Kasabwat (On The Spot Accomplice), a contest where three passers-by are called to do prank challenges. Each is given PHP 3,000 when the challenge is completed. Shocking Siya! (He's Shocking!) features a dwarf person, "Dennis Jimenez", who disguises as any unsuspectible spot or object and shocks people, by revealing himself while yelling "Yari Ka!".

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DVD release[edit]

The series was released onto DVD-format by GMA Records. The DVD contained "the best of the best" episodes of Yari Ka! throughout the years. The DVD was released in 2008.

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