Bitte bitte

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"Bitte bitte"
Single by Die Ärzte
from the album Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit...
Released4 April 1989
GenrePunk rock, electronic rock, synthpop, new wave
Length3:13/7:35 (Maxi)
LabelCBS Schallplatten GmbH
Songwriter(s)Farin Urlaub
Producer(s)Uwe Hoffmann & Die Ärzte
Die Ärzte singles chronology
"Teenager Liebe (unecht)/Gute Nacht"
"Bitte bitte"
"Schrei nach Liebe"

"Bitte bitte" ("Bitte, bitte" on CD) [Please please] is a song by Die Ärzte. It's the eleventh track and the third single from their 1988 album Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit.... It's about wanting to obey to a dominatrix.

The Domina Mix is later released on "Das Beste von kurz nach früher bis jetze". The song was covered by the German band Tanzwut on their Labyrinth der Sinne album and was released as a single.


The video centers on a dystopia-like censoring facility (like a factory), which is ruled by a dominatrix. As for the products censored, everything goes fine until Ärzte-LPs are being censored, which won't go into a monster-like machine like it's supposed to.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bitte bitte" (Urlaub) - 3:13
  2. "Gabi gibt 'ne Party" (Urlaub, Felsenheimer) - 3:10


  1. "Bitte bitte (Domina Mix)" (Urlaub) - 7:35
  2. "Bitte bitte (Single Version)" (Urlaub) - 3:13
  3. "Bitte bitte (CBS Mix)" (Urlaub) - 6:06
  4. "Gabi gibt 'ne Party" (Urlaub, Felsenheimer) - 3:10


"Gabi gibt 'ne Party" [Gabi throws a party] is another song from Gabi & Uwe series. It's later released on "Das Beste von kurz nach früher bis jetze".


Year Country Position
1989 Germany 18