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Bituah Leumi (Hebrew: המוסד לביטוח לאומי‎, HaMossad LeVituach Leumi, lit. "The National Insurance Institute" (NII)) is Israel's national social security agency.[1] It was established on 1 April 1954.

All Israeli citizens over the age of 18 are obligated to pay monthly Bituach Leumi insurance with the exception of IDF soldiers, National Service volunteers and students enrolled in vocational training courses.[2]

Bituah Leumi pays disability pensions to individuals who have lost the ability to earn a living due to medical disability, individuals whose earning capacity has dropped by at least 50%, and homemakers whose ability to perform household tasks has decreased by at least 50%. The monthly pension rate is determined by the degree of disability.[3]

All citizens, permanent residents and olim who were 60 at most when they arrived in the country are eligible for old-age pensions paid by Bituah Leumi.[4]

Bituah Leumi covers the cost of funerals in Israel for a person of the Jewish faith, regardless of citizenship. This includes preparation of the body, the funeral service and local burial plot. It also covers the cost of funerals for Muslims who have paid insurance on a regular basis.[5]

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