Biyang County

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Biyang County


Biyang is located in Henan
Location of the seat in Henan
Coordinates: 32°43′52″N 113°19′37″E / 32.73111°N 113.32694°E / 32.73111; 113.32694Coordinates: 32°43′52″N 113°19′37″E / 32.73111°N 113.32694°E / 32.73111; 113.32694
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityZhumadian
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)

Biyang County (simplified Chinese: 泌阳; traditional Chinese: 泌陽; pinyin: Bìyáng Xiàn) is a county of Zhumadian city in southern Henan province, People's Republic of China. It borders Queshan to the east, Tongbai to the north, Tanghe to the west, Luohe to the north, Sheqi and Nanyang to the northwest. Population was 950,000 in 2002. Area is 2,682 km2 (1,036 sq mi).


The county has 7 towns, 18 townships and 401 villages.

  • Bishui Town (泌水镇)
  • Yangce Town (羊册) (including Shangfeng village)
  • Shahe Town (沙河店镇)
  • Banqiao Town (板桥镇) - near which the infamous Banqiao Dam is located
  • Magutian Town (马谷田镇)
  • Chunshui Town (春水镇)
  • Guanzhuang Township (官庄乡)
  • Huayuan Township (花园乡)
  • Guoji Township (郭集镇)
  • Xianghe Township (象河乡)
  • Wangdian Township (王店乡)
  • Fuzhuang Township (付庄乡)
  • Huangshan Township (黄山口乡)
  • Jialou Township (贾楼乡)
  • Gaodian Township (高店乡)
  • Taishanmiao Township (泰山庙乡)
  • Gaoyi Township (高邑乡)
  • Chenzhuang Township (陈庄乡)
  • Yangjiaji Township (杨家集乡)
  • Xiabeisi Township (下碑寺乡)
  • Tongshan Township (铜山乡)
  • Shuangmiao Township (双庙街乡)
  • Shewan Township (赊湾乡)
  • Laohe Township (老河乡)

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