Bizarra Locomotiva

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Bizarra Locomotiva
Origin Portugal
Genres Industrial metal, industrial music
Years active 1993-present
Labels RagingPlanet

Bizarra Locomotiva is an industrial metal band from Portugal.[1] Its history dates back to 1993, when Armando Teixeira (voice and machinery) and Rui Sidónio (voice) started a band to participate in Modern Music Competition of the city of Lisbon.

After participating in the Biennale of Young Creators of Mediterranean Europe, the Bizarra Locomotiva when in a national tour. In August 1997, the band performed the in Southwest Festival promoting Fear Now?. In Bestiario, 1998, the band highlights a wider musical range, welcoming new environments and sounds. In 2002, Homem Maquina, mankind once again was the subject of fierce criticism. The band members dressed in suits symbolizing the human machine.[2] In 2004 the band released Ódio, a comeback to the raw and heavy sounds that were not at present in Homem Máquina and by that the arc of themed based records came to an end. After 5 years the band released Álbum Negro which gained attention from the media and had very positive reviews, this record features Fernando Ribeiro from Moonspell as guest vocals in the song O Anjo Exilado. Years later, and touring with "Álbum Negro" the band completed its 20th anniversary, with a few shows to celebrate it and a video documentary. The album "Mortuário" came right after. Released in 2015, is currently being toured around Portugal.


  • Bizarra Locomotiva, Simbiose Records, 1994.
  • First Crime, Then Live, Simbiose Records, 1995.
  • Fear Now?, Simbiose Records, 1996.
  • Bestiário, Simbiose Records, 1998.
  • "XX Anos XX Bandas", (Comp.) (tribute to Xutos & Pontapés) EMI Records, 1998
  • Homem Máquina, Metrodiscos 2002.
  • Ódio, Metrodiscos, 2004.[3]
  • Álbum Negro, Ragingplanet, 2009.
  • "Mortuário", RastilhoRecords, 2015

Current members[edit]

  • Rui Sidónio - Vocals
  • Miguel Fonseca - Guitars
  • Alpha - Synths
  • Rui Berton - Drums

Past members[edit]

  • Armando Teixeira - Vocals, Samples
  • Ernesto Pinto - Drums
  • Marco Franco - Drums
  • BJ - Synths