Bjarne Brøndbo

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Bjarne Brøndbo

Bjarne Arnstein Brøndbo (born 19 September 1964 in Namsos, Norway) is the vocalist and the front figure in the Norwegian rock group D.D.E. since the start in 1992.[1] Brøndbo has previously played in the bands Humanic (1978–1985) and After Dark (1984–1991).[2][3] He is the brother of drummer Eskil Brøndbo and the cousin of the Electronica musician Rune "Sternklang" Brøndbo.[4]


Bjarne Brøndbo took an education to become a teacher, but after his music career became successful he hasn't worked much in that profession. He has his own company, Namdal bilopphoggeri, a car breakers and online car spares company.[5] He is married and has three children.



  • 1993 D.D.E. Rai-Rai
  • 1994 D.D.E. Rai 2
  • 1996 D.D.E. Det går likar no
  • 1998 D.D.E. OHWÆÆÆÆÆH !!!
  • 1999 D.D.E. No e D.D.E. jul igjen
  • 2000 D.D.E. Jippi'
  • 2001 D.D.E. Vi ska fæst — aill' mot aill'
  • 2003 D.D.E. Vi e konga (Percussion)
  • 2005 D.D.E. Næ næ næ næ næ næ

Live albums/compilations[edit]

  • 1995 D.D.E. Det è D.D.E. (live)
  • 2002 D.D.E. Her bli de liv-det beste 1992–2002


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