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Bjarne Eriksen (1886 – 1976) was a Norwegian businessperson.

He was born in Trondheim. He was hired as a Supreme Court barrister in 1917, but started a career in Norsk Hydro in 1926. He was originally head of the judicial and financial department, but was then promoted to Director-General (CEO) in 1941.

After the German occupation of Norway, the Germans wanted to further increase output of heavy water; the situation escalated, until Hydro's top management protested, and in early 1943, Bjarne Eriksen, the company's managing director, was arrested and sent to a concentration camp in Germany.[1]

After the War, Erikson returned to his position, where he remained until 1956; after this he was chairman of the board from 1957 to 1960.[2]


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Business positions
Preceded by
Axel Aubert
Director General of Norsk Hydro
Succeeded by
Rolf Østbye