Bjarni Haukur Thorsson

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Bjarni Haukur Thorsson
Full nameBjarni Haukur Thorsson
Country represented Iceland
Born (1971-04-20) April 20, 1971 (age 47)
ResidenceStockholm, Sweden

Bjarni Haukur Thorsson was born April 20, 1971. He is an Icelandic director, writer, producer, and actor. He is the owner of Thorsson Productions Ltd. which is an intellectual property based operating company and live entertainment production studio. Thorson Productions develops, produces and manages broadcast and licensing around the world. Thorsson Productions was founded by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson and he has developed and produced more than 40 theatrical and broadcasting productions around the world since 1996.[1]


Thorsson is a well established director in Scandinavia and has since he started out in 1996 directed numerous productions in several countries for both stage and screen.[2] His productions have been nominated for 12 major theatre and television awards in Scandinavia.[3] Mr. Thorsson graduated from the distinguished American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City[4] in 1995, having prior attended New York University – Tisch School of the Arts.[5]

Thorsson is the creator and co-star of the plays The DAD[6][7] and The GRAND-DAD .[7] He is also a well established producer in Scandinavia who has produced around 40 major theatrical and television productions in 8 countries since 1995.[8] He completed his MBA degree in May 2011 from Reykjavik University. [9] Bjarni Haukur Thorsson is an up-and-coming comedy writer in Scandinavia. He has written three stage plays and several television series so far.[10]

Personal life[edit]

Thorsson is married to Karin Ida Thorsson and they have three sons, Haukur, William og Olaf Gustaf.[11]


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