Bjelopavlići plain

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Bjelopavlići (pronounced [bjɛlɔ̌paːv̞lit͡ɕi]; also known as the Zeta River valley) is a strip of fertile lowland in Montenegro. It stretches along the Zeta river, being wider in river's lower end, down to the confluence with Morača river near Podgorica. The Bjelopavlići clan originates from this valley.

View from Ostrog monastery to Bjelopavlići plain

Zeta river valley has historically been densely populated, as fertile lowlands are rare in mountainous Montenegro.

Confusingly, the other significant plain in Montenegro, Zeta plain has been named after Zeta river, although Zeta river itself does not flow through it.

The Bjelopavlići plain provided a corridor for road and rail connection between two biggest Montenegrin cities, Podgorica and Nikšić. The largest settlement in the plain is the town of Danilovgrad which got name by Prince (Knjaz) Danilo Petrović.

Coordinates: 42°39′N 19°01′E / 42.650°N 19.017°E / 42.650; 19.017