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Björngårdsteatern, also called Christian Thums Commedi-huus (The Comedy-house of Christian Thum) and Theums Spelehus (Theum's Play-house), was an old Swedish theatre in Stockholm, active between 1640 and 1655. It was possibly the oldest theatre in Scandinavia, but the information about it is incomplete.


In 1637 or 1640, the German Christian Thum l. Theum (died 1655), leader for a travelling theatre troupe from Germany which had performed in Sweden since 1628, and also played comedies for the court, was given permission to play theatre in the building Björnegården, which he had recently bought. The name of the property meant "The Bear's yard", and it was located in Södermalm at St Paulsgatan and Björnegårdsgatan; it had previously been used as a local for bear-baiting.

Little is known about the theatrical activity at the "Bear Yard theatre"; if Theum actually used his privilege and, if he did, in what form. In some form, however, there was a theatrical activity there until the death of Theum in 1655. If the performances was made by professional actors or if they were made by amateurs, who did not make a living at being actors, remains uncertain. Some sources say, that plays were performed by craftsmen.

It is known that the house functioned as an inn, a function which it continued to fill; Björnegården was one of the Stockholm's most well known inn's until the building was torn down in 1877.

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