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Bláhnjúkur, 2004
Highest point
Elevation 940 m (3,080 ft)
Coordinates 63°58′36″N 19°04′05″W / 63.9768°N 19.0681°W / 63.9768; -19.0681Coordinates: 63°58′36″N 19°04′05″W / 63.9768°N 19.0681°W / 63.9768; -19.0681
Translation Blue mountain (Icelandic)
Bláhnjúkur is located in Iceland
Mountain type Volcano
Easiest route Hike

Bláhnjúkur is a volcano in the south of Iceland. Its height is 940 m.[1]

Its name translates to blue peak in English.[2] This comes from the blue-black colour of its sides. The colour is due to volcanic ash and lava flows.[3]

The mountain is situated in Landmannalaugar,[4] a natural park near Hekla. It lies next to the volcano Brennisteinsalda.

A hiking trail leads up to the top of the mountain from which, in good conditions, five glaciers are visible.[3]

The best way to get to the peak is on road number F 208. The hike is considered easy and takes 1-2 hours round-trip.[4]


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