Blå Jungfrun Östra lighthouse

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Blå Jungfrun Östra
Lighthouse Oskarshamn.jpg
The moved Blå Jungfrun Östra lighthouse
Blå Jungfrun Östra lighthouse is located in Sweden
Blå Jungfrun Östra lighthouse
Location Oskarshamn
Kalmar County
Coordinates 57°15′46.9″N 16°26′40.2″E / 57.263028°N 16.444500°E / 57.263028; 16.444500Coordinates: 57°15′46.9″N 16°26′40.2″E / 57.263028°N 16.444500°E / 57.263028; 16.444500
Year first constructed 1926 (first)
Year first lit 1956 (current)
Deactivated 2002
Foundation concrete
Construction concrete tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower and lantern
Height 9.5 metres (31 ft)
Focal height 9.5 metres (31 ft)
Range 8 nautical miles (15 km; 9 mi)
Characteristic Fl W 8s.
Admiralty number C7306
ARLHS number SWE-095
Managing agent Oskarshamns Sjöfartsmuseum[1]

Blå Jungfrun Östra is a lighthouse located in coastal town of Oskarshamn in Sweden, Europe.

Deactivated and moved[edit]

Photo of the original position of the lighthouse at 57°15.014′N 16°48.038′E / 57.250233°N 16.800633°E / 57.250233; 16.800633. The foundation can still be seen at the eastern shoreline of national park Blå Jungfrun.

Lighthouse Blå Jungfrun Östra was originally located on the island and national park Blå Jungfrun in the Baltic Sea about 10 nautical miles outside Oskarshamn. After being deactivated by the Swedish maritime authorities, Sjöfartsverket, in 2002, the lighthouse was disassembled and moved into the city of Oskarshamn. It now serves as an attraction and a landmark on street Södra Långgatan in Oskarshamn.

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