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Directed by Johan Jacobsen
Produced by Annelise Hovmand
Johan Jacobsen
Written by Erik Fiehn
Starring Mimi Heinrich
Music by Erik Fiehn
Cinematography Kjeld Arnholtz
Distributed by ASA Filmudlejning
Release date
August 8, 1955
Running time
102 minutes
Country Denmark
Language Danish

Blændværk is a 1955 Danish crime film drama directed by Johan Jacobsen. The film stars Mimi Heinrich.


Børge Rasmussen is in love with Elvie Hansen. During a visit at doctor Kermer's, Børge steals a small fortune in cash. Together with Elvie, he runs off to Copenhagen. On their way there, Elvie breaks up. In Copenhagen, the saboteur Verner seeks out Børge, convincing him to go to Canada, bringing a briefcase for a friend of Verner's. Børges friend, Marinus, finds out that there is a bomb in the briefcase, but on his way to warn Børge, Marinus is murdered. Before dying, though, he manages to tell doctor Kermer about the bomb. Together with Elvie, Kermer now leaves for Copenhagen to save Børge.


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