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Houses in Blönduós.jpg
Skyline of Blönduósbær
Region Northwestern Region
Constituency Northwest Constituency
Manager Arnar Þór Sævarsson
Area 183 km2 (71 sq mi)
Population 881
Density 4.81/km2 (12.5/sq mi)
Municipal number 5604
Postal code(s) 540, 541

Blönduós is a town and municipality in the north of Iceland.


Blönduós is situated on Route 1 at the mouth of the glacial river Blanda for which it is named (Blöndu is an oblique case of Blanda). On a hill above the town is a church with striking architecture that is intended to resemble a volcanic crater.

Blönduós does not have a good harbour, but the settlement's main role is as a dairy service centre for the surrounding farm areas.

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Coordinates: 65°40′N 20°18′W / 65.667°N 20.300°W / 65.667; -20.300