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Blaskogabyggd map.png
Location of the municipality
Constituency South Constituency
Region Southern Region
Established 9 June 2002
Manager Valtýr Valtýsson
Area 3,300 km2
Population 931
Density 0.28/km2
Number 8721
Postal code(s) 840

Bláskógabyggð is a municipality located in western Iceland. Its major settlements are Laugarás and Laugarvatn. The municipality was formed in 2002 after the merger of Laugardalshreppur, Biskupstungnahreppur and Þingvallahreppur.

Blesi, geothermal area of Geysir.


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Coordinates: 64°16′35″N 20°24′03″W / 64.2764°N 20.4009°W / 64.2764; -20.4009