Blažov (Javorina)

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Blažov was a municipality (village) in Slovakia. It was one of the villages that ceased to exist in the course of the creation of the municipality-military area Javorina on their territory in 1953.

Former names: Blaziv, Blasenau, Balazsvagas

A native of this village was the Greek-Catholic bishop in Mukacheve, Havryil Blazhovskyi (c.1705–1742).

  • 561 m / 1870 feet above sea level
  • The valley of the upper Torysa River
  • The Levoča (Lewocha) Hills
  • the highest hills: Čierna hora / Black Mount (1289.4 m / 4232 ft.), Škapová (1231.9 m / 4042 ft.)
  • The north-western corner of the Sabinov District
  • Prešov Region