Black-Yellow Alliance

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Black-Yellow Alliance
Die Monarchisten - Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz
Leader Helga Vereno
Chairman Nicole Fara
Founded 6 August 2004
Headquarters Johannes-Filzer-Str. 12/16
A-1010 Salzburg
Ideology Monarchism
Political position Centre-right
Colours Black, Yellow

The Black-Yellow Alliance (German: Schwarz-Gelbe Allianz, SGA) is a monarchist movement in Austria founded on 6 August 2004. The movement is heavily influenced by the ideas of Otto von Habsburg[citation needed]. Their aim is the restoration of monarchy in Austria as well as a Central European monarchic union of the states which have emerged from the old Austria-Hungary.


Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Austrian Empire (used c. 1700-1867)
Map of the new empire

After more than 800 years of rule of the House of Habsburg, the Entente Powers dissolved Austria's monarchy after they won World War I and introduced a republic. The Black-Yellow Alliance was established by a group of monarchists from different organizations in 2004.[1]

The Black-Yellow Alliance calls for the reintroduction of a hereditary monarchy in Central Europe and advocates a union of Austria, Hungary, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia, united under a common emperor.[1]

The president of the party currently is tourism school professor Helga Vereno.


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