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"Black bumper" car of the 1920s, such as might have been driven by early Horning Church members.

The Horning Church (or Black-bumper Mennonites) are an Old Order Mennonite denomination, known for their adoption of the automobile. This group remained from the fragmenting of the Weaverland Conference following the 1927 schism of the Wenger Church which rejected the car. The church is named for Bishop Moses Horning, who owned a car bought for him by a parishioner.[1]

The group is also known as Black-bumper Mennonites for their early custom of painting over the chrome on their cars for modesty, though in the modern day this custom is only mandatory for ministers[1]

Ideologically this group shares many similar beliefs with Conservative Mennonites though differing in not having Sunday Schools or revival meetings. They identify more with the values of the Old Order groups but share common core values or distinctives.


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