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Black20 was a digital production studio founded by J. Crowley, Neil Punsalan and Nelson Castro.[1] The company operates out of Long Island City, Queens, New York. The company, which launched in 2007, creates web series including net_work, and The Middle Show. The company also produces viral videos. Some of their biggest hits include The Easter Bunny Hates You, Wheels The Movie, Sheffield Quigley: Professional MySpace Photographer, and 300: PG Version.[citation needed] Jeff Jarvis is an angel investor in the company.[2] Fox Television Studios acquired a part of the company in an effort to enhance their comedy development for television.[3] Their content can be viewed on Hulu[4] and the Black20 YouTube Channel.[5] The group has been inactive since 2011.

Web series[edit]

  • net_work was an office webisode series starring Mike O'Gorman and Michael Torpey. In the show, they work at a start-up company called Black20 producing internet hits. Re-occurring characters on the show include Dean "the Werewolf", Troy, Stacy, and Tom "the coolest guy in the office" played by Thomas Edward Seymour.
  • The Middle Show is a weekly series featuring David Price as he interviews people in and around the neighborhood. Some of their well-known hits include "Alec Baldwin's Daughter Calls Back" and "The Singing Jogger". David Price is usually assisted by Ted O'Gorman and Pat Driscoll.
  • "Heart Felt" is a reality show focused on the troubled lives of puppets and people.
  • Overdubbed is a clip show with the sound track altered.
  • After These Messages is Black20's take on popular commercials and new products.
  • Secret Lives Is a viral series that shows the true side of fictional characters such as the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus.

Award Nominations[edit]

Two of Black20's web-series, net_work and Sheffield Quigley: Professional MySpace Photographer, have been nominated for Best Broadband Web-Series at the 2007 Creative Arts and Entertainment Emmys.[6]

Black20's web series Net_Work was nominated for the 2007 YouTube Awards in the category of Best Series.

Dave Price, the host of The Middle Show, Won's 2008 sexiest male web host on Daisy Whitney's Blog.[7]


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