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(not only) Black+White was an arts and popular culture magazine, published in Australia between 1992 and 2007.

History and profile[edit]

Issue No00 launched on 12 November 1992 and the final issue No88 was published in January 2007 commissioned by Marcello Grand of Studio Magazines PTY.[1] Located in Sydney, it was created by British designers Katherine Carnegie and Matthew Hawker, edited initially by Horacio Silva.[1] The magazine was published quarterly.[1] (not only) Black+White was a pictorially led publication that became an internationally acclaimed visual arts magazine showcasing the world's best image makers. It included interviews with celebrities and features on popular culture and current events. The magazine gained notoriety for publishing nude photographs of mainly Australian celebrities, athletes, pop and soap stars.[1]


Issue 00 cover: Kym Wilson photographed by Tony Duran. Contents include: Simon Denny, Helmut Newton, Angie Bowie.
Issue 01 cover: Dannii Minogue photographed by Adam Watson Contents include: Herb Ritts, Madonna, Gavin Harrison, Camille Paglia.
Issue 02 cover: Grace Jones photographed by Francis Giacobetti. Contents include: Paolo Pasolini, Kenneth Anger, Roman Polanski, Jeanloup Sieff.
Issue 03 cover: Dee Smart photographed by Laurent-Elle Badessi. Contents include: Robert Mapplethorpe, Margret Urlich, Michael Jackson, John Adam.
Issue 04 cover: Kate Fischer photographed by Stephen Price. Contents include: Greg Gorman, Franicis Giacobetti, Erica Peril, Uma Thurman.
Issue 05 cover: (Unknown Model) photographed by Marc Robin Contents include: David Bailey Lisa Lackey, Gilbert and George, William Gibson.

Celebrities who have appeared nude in Black+White[edit]

Athletes who have appeared nude in Black+White[edit]

The Australian men's water polo and women's softball teams for the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympic Games also appeared in a special issue dedicated to the Games.


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